Mind and Body Excellence

We are an organisation founded with the sole intent on promoting the philosophy of health of Mr Haruchika Noguchi, the founder of the original form of “Seitai”.

Searching the Internet you will find many different references to forms of Seitai in English and Japanese texts as various teachers have added their own styles to the physical treatment element of Master Noguchi’s work.

While many of these techniques are very powerful, without the underlying philosophy and mindful approach – they become band-aid fixes to misused bodies rather than the foundation of life-long health and happiness.

Seitai-Do takes the techniques of Master Noguchi and combines them with the theories, philosophies and research of Noguchi Sensei himself and his closest students to create a deep and meaningful approach to health that not only forms the basis of a treatment regime but also of a way of Life.

This approach cannot be separated from the traditional Japanese peaceful approach to focus and meditation and maintains these links through the observation of space and balance.

Seitai-do is written with the compound of “Wa”, meaning “harmony”, and “Shitsu” meaning “room”; and has a goal of creating the ideal place to achieve a healthy mind and body.

Sitting on the tatami mat and occupying and experiencing this “Wa” enables one to acquire a heightened sense of awareness.

Much of the work centers around the breath and the backbone – and when these two are in alignment so is the mind with the body and only then does perfect health become possible.

Breath is Life, learn to use it.